2011 Holiday

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2011 Holiday


actual route driven
roadmap part 1

Seeing countries Switzerland, (Germany), Austria, Slovenia, Italy Venice

It would be my guess that we sleep in: Zurich, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz, Ljubljanja/Bled, Venice But Innsbruck->Salzburg is short, and Ljubljanja->Venice long.

Jul 14 - Jul 28


From To Distance
Zurich Neuschwanstein 228km
Neuschwanstein Innsbruck 88km
Innsbruck Salzburg 158km
Salzburg Graz 276km
Graz Maribo 50km
Maribo Ljubljanja 118km
Ljubljanja Bled 46km
Ljubljanja Postojna 40km
Postonja Tieste 37km
Tieste Venice 142km

To Organise

Things to do in Switzerland:

Camping supplies shop in Uster which is on our way out of Zurich http://www.aventura-travel.ch/11901/index.html

Things to do in Germany:

Things to do in Austria:

Accommodation ideas Salzburg camping [1]

Accommodation ideas Innsbruck camping [2] Bled camping with nice cabins [3]

Things to do in Slovenia:

Things to do in Italy:

Part 2 in Sweden

Things to do in Sweden:

Accommodation 75metres from Skavsta airport http://www.connecthotel.se/default.asp?id=2asjem32vl

Singapore options

Singapore snow city - http://www.snowcity.com.sg/snowcity2/index.php http://www.singaporeforkids.com/things_see_do.php

Sentosa http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/ Festive hotel within the resort seems very family friendly http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Hotels/FestiveHotel



Proposed trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Shanghai - maglev train

20 hour train from Shanghai to Hong Kong http://www.seat61.com/China.htm#How_to_read_a_Chinese_train_ticket

Hong Kong - Disneyland, Disneyland hotel? http://park.hongkongdisneyland.com/hkdl/en_US/hotels/landing?name=HongKongDisneylandHotelLandingPage

Great wall of China - Bedaling Taking the train to the Great Wall of China... For the first 20 minutes, the train negotiates the Beijing suburbs, then it accelerates to around 80mph for a brief sprint to its first station stop. After stopping briefly at this station, the train starts climbing at slow speed into the mountains to Badaling. You start to see parts of the Great Wall as soon as you leave the station stop, so have your camera ready! The train reverses direction at the stop before Badaling, so don't be surprised when this happens. 2 hours at the wall is plenty, so taking the 09:33 from Beijing out and the 15:22 from Badaling back, or the 13:19 out and 19:40 back all work fine. If you want to return earlier, there are also regular buses back to Beijing.

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