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# Which FXP.One to connect to. Omit PASS to have app prompt for passwd.

Define where to connect for the FXP.One engine. It can be the same server as clomps run on, use localhost. If you leave the PASS= out, then clomps will prompt for passwords. ssl=forced on this line refers to the connection to the engine. Encryption is a good idea, except if you are using localhost, and nobody else has root on your server.

# Define sites and paths.

Here we define the sites to connect to, and which directories to list. Note that home has two directories listed, they are combined. TIMEFILE=filename can specify the timestamp file, if left out, clomps will make it based on the config filename + .timestamp

If you run this clomps.conf now, you will get an output like:

./clomps -vf example.conf

connected to FXP.One
successfully negotiated SSL
Successfully connected to FXP.One
Site glftpdSite processing dir '/tv-x264/'
Site home processing dir '/tv/'
Site Another processing dir '/tv-x264/'
Site ASite1 processing dir '/x264-tv/'
Site home processing dir '/drive2/tv/'
      Another finished processing:  111 files (  1/  4)
         home finished processing: 3135 files (  2/  4)
   glftpdSite finished processing:  158 files (  3/  4)
       ASite1 finished processing:  166 files (  4/  4)

-----======> DISPLAY MATRIX <======-----

T |ASite|Anoth|glftp|home | New Items
d |INC  |MISS |MISS |MISS | Best.Laid.Plans.2012.1080p.BluRay.X264-7SinS
d |INC  |MISS |MISS |MISS | To.Catch.A.Thief.1955.1080p.BluRay.x264-HD4U
d |     |MISS |MISS |MISS | The.Summer.Of.Massacre.2011.720p.BluRay.x264-UNTOUCHABLES
d |     |MISS |NUKE |MISS | Under.Still.Waters.2008.720p.BluRay.x264-SWAGGERHD

Which shows new releases, by showing up (names on the right side) they exist somewhere. Any site column with a blank entry, means the release is there and complete. INC means that the release is incomplete (INCTEST patten matches), and similarly NUKE means nuked. MISS means this release is not on this site.

Automatic queueing

In addition to finding new entries, you can ask clomps to create queues. The queue lines are defines with pass number. Starting from 1. This means, all queue lines with pass=1 will be started at the same time. Once all pass=1 transfers are complete, clomps will run pass=2. This allows for all-concurrent queueing, or, sequentially queueing.

For example (Spaces added between '|' separator for readability):

AUTOQ|PASSNUM=1|FROM=glftpdSite|TO=ASite1 | ACCEPT=the.simpson*/family.guy*/*/How?I?met?your?mother* | REJECT=*FINSUB*/*AC3* | INCSKIP

Which would automatically transfer items from glftpdSite "/tv-x264/", to ASite1 "/x264-tv/". But only releases matching "the.simpson*" etc, unless they are *FINSUB* etc. The INCSKIP tells clomps not to transfer things that are incomplete. Clomps will then only transfer completed-releases. If you remove INCSKIP clomps will start to move incomplete releases as well.

The right-hand side in ACCEPT and REJECT statements are slash-separated list of matches. Ie, "*simpsons*/blue.planet*" would match on "*simpsons*" and "blue.planet*", with glob-style pattern matching. This means "I.hate.simpsons" would match (in the middle) but "" would not (since it was not "*blue.planet*". No starting "*"). Note that this would also fail on "Blue_Planet" and "blue planet", since the period "." is literal. The best way is to use "blue?planet*". All matches are case-insensitive.

CONTINUED lines, can add to the ACCEPT and REJECT lines if placed after an AUTOQ command. It is for readability and flexibility.

AUTOQ|PASSNUM=2|FROM=ASite1|TO=home | ACCEPT=* | REJECT=*dvdrip* 

After pass=1 has completed, move everything from ASite1 to home. Except for dvdrips. Incompletes will also be started.