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llink is a media streamer that lets you play movies, view online trailers, browse images or play music over a network using the http protocol. It should work with most Syabas NMT hardware (NetworkedMediaTank middleware based players), such as the Popcorn Hour A- and B-series, HDX, iSTAR, Egreat a whole range of others, possibly even a couple of older ones like the LinkTheater. Some of the best reasons to run llink is that it can run on a great many platforms, including most popular NAS devices - even on the NMT player itself - and it can play media directly from RAR files. llink is also a UPNP MediaServer, sometimes called DNLA/UPNP, and is able to talk to many UPNP devices.

llink-2.2.0 aqua skin
llink-1.9.9 jukebox skin
llink-2.2.0 clterm skin
llink-2.2.0 nmt skin
llink-2.2.0 kamaishi_skies skin


llink overview


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In no particular order:

User guide and other documentation

Feel free to contribute to the wiki documentation:

Download binaries

Note: if you are in luck, devices not listed here may share platform and architecture. Please report your success/failure.

(Compilers, you can upload new versions directly in the wiki, see Synology page as example)


Known issues

Although llink is capable of many things, there are limitations that should be known to users. Please read here for details: Llink:Known_issues


The llink changelog contains the basic release notes history.


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