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FXP.One - FXP.One project, engine daemon, clients, protocol API etc.

UFxp - Ultimate++ GUI client for the FXP.One engine

LiON Lundman's Input Output Library.

L4IP Software load-balancer, health-check daemon for IP Filter.

LundFTPD The famous single process FTP daemon.

SSL-lbnc FTP bnc/relay program with SSL.

llink Media Streamer for Media Players. SSDP/UPNP/HTTP

rbl-add-ip Perl program to modify BDBHPT driver for DLZ+named.

DLZUtil Perl script to run a generic DLZ BDBHPT (not customised for RBL)

TeraStation My own programs and hacks for the Buffalo TeraStation RAID NAS.

LimHD200i My attempts to improve things on Tomacros HD player.

NetworkedMediaTank My attempts to improve things on Syabas' Networked Media Tank (popcornhour etc)

Dune HD Center My attempts to improve things on HDI's media player, Dune HD Center / Dune BD Prime

librarchy Interposing libc calls to add direct streaming from RAR archives.

ZFS RAID Home build ZFS RAID running Open Solaris.

Random Useful trivia

mediainfo-rar Wrote a little front-end to MediaInfo to handle content in RAR archives, and ISO files

android Section for Android apps and games libdvdread plus version, with UDF2.50, bluray and RAR support.

MeLe A2000 All Winner A10 device

Hikari TV ひかりTV

Tsutaya TV


Gamer PC Built a mini-itx game PC

Tokyo Places to go in and around Tokyo.

Amiga!_DS_Users For sharing Friend Codes.

Personal Area for personal stuff, not interesting to anyone.

TWoTH The Way of the Hubba. Last game I worked on for the Amiga 1200. ~1994


Donations Hall of Fame. Seriously appreciated gifts from kind people. Feel free to click on some of the ads too.