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Lundman's Unix Projects

NetBSD Rules!
  Jorgen Lundman

Please use the wiki pages from now on:

'In my spare time I like to tinker with Unix and programming tools, most of which I release for free (GNU style I guess). Prefered Unix flavour I guess is NetBSD which runs on pretty much anything.'

Jorgen put's this so much better than I can, so I think a quote is the best way. It also means we must include the NetBSD logo, Jorgen wouldn't have it any other way.

  OMG a site update! - Author : Pink - Date : 24th January 2005
Following over a year of inactivity of updating the site the whole thing has been redone in PHP.
This has now made updates and additions far easier to incorporate, so hopefully the site will now be kept up to date.

New stuff:
  • Commit logs added to all projects to show current changes
  • Complete page redesign allowing the site to be driven from content data rather than hand coded pages.
  • Project content updated to reflect the current status of the projects.
  • Consistency added across pages for layout
  • Dynamically generated page menus

  WWW pages not updated! - Author : Lundman - Date : 15th March 2004
Right. Editing this directly with emacs. It seems the chap who used to aid me with the WWW pages are AWOL. (Actually, he is just super busy).
So, anyway, latest LundFTPD version is now v3.3 stable, which is in CVS (see below).
LiON is quite mature, added a few more features like that of encrypted file support etc. Also in CVS.
LundFXP has not updated for a while, as I am working on FXP.One.

There is a forum if you are curious about progress, have questions or suggestions, and a place to post bug reports.
Use forum at workbench

  Anonymous CVS is now set up. - Author : Pink - Date : 31st January 2002
For CVS, set env var CVSROOT to "" and the password is "anoncvs".
To get lundftpd or lundfxp you issue

cvs checkout lundftpd

cvs checkout lundfxp

  Project Updates - Author : Pink - Date : 16th January 2002
LundFXP has grown up a bit over the last few months.Jorgen feels now is a good time to make it a CVS based project. Why not hop on over to the LundFXP page and grab the latest version for your OS. CVS access is not available annonymously as of time of publication.

LundFTPD is now a CVS based project. More details on both projects CVS status will be announced in the coming months.

  FXP Client - Author : Pink - Date : 5th July 2001
Work has begun on a unix/windows/macosX compatible GUI based ftp/fxp client. For more information see the LundFXP page

  LundFTPd MacOS X - Author : Pink - Date : 6th April 2001
MacOS X users can now rejoice as lund compiles a MacOS X binary for all you loverly Mac addicts out there. Welcome to the world of Unix ;) download it from the LundFTPD page.

  DOS attacks on FTP sites - Author : Pink - Date : 16th March 2001
LundFTPd does NOT suffer from the recently discovered DOS attack on ftpd's

Details of the exploit can be found on the link below.