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Automatic FTP (FXP) site-to-site mirroring system.

Lmirror does not support SSL natively, but works with "tlswrap", a popular SSL wrapper.

  • Fuzzy directory and file name compares to avoid DUPEs
  • Automatic, can be placed on cron or in the background
  • Site to site transfers, can be run from low bandwidth locations.
  • Manual control available
  • Clever ignore lists/li>
  • Move-first abilities (for .sfv files)
  • Automatic re-connect and resumes on network problems
  • Tested on most Unix flavours and Win32.
  • Full logging and End of sessions statistics

Please use CVS for latest bug fixes, but no major feature additionssince v1.13. Work is being done on FXP.One.


  Win32 Binary




A machine capable of running Lmirror, some sort of network connection would be handy too unless your into fxp'ing from one local ftp to another local ftp. ;)

NOTE:- Binaries are only available precompiled for Win32 systems. if you download the Win32 binary you will also need to fetch the sample.conf file from the source package(s)

Please do not make requests for binaries for any platform from Jorgen as the chances are they will be ignored completely, hey the guys got to have a life some of the time.

  Win32 Oddities
In the config files (*.conf) Win32 paths are represented by //c/dir/dir/ not C:\dir\dir\

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