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Lundman's Unix Projects

NetBSD Rules!
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LundFXP is an FXP/FTP client for multiple platforms.
It has progressed from very humble beginnings into a very usable client.

This project is now considered final and will only be updated for bug fixes

Most of the important functional features are now in place for FXP and FTP transfers.

A new client FXP-One is being worked on. More information about this can be found in the forums.

I am, as the site admin, in a very privileged position.
I would just like to take the time to thank lund for this project. - Pink

See the To-Do text for more details on work in progress and the ChangeLog for current changes.

  • Site Manager
  • For Unix/MacOSX/Win32
  • GUI based client
  • File transfers Site to Site
  • File transfers Site to Local
  • Queue management
  • CPS calculation
  • TLS/SSL encryption

Available via CVS. Search the site for the CVS details, they're around here somewhere ;).

  Win32 Binary
All the binaries that used to be here are frighteningly old, and even more shocking is that people still tried to download them. Brr, even the screenshot look dreadful. :)
CVS sources will give you something that works, when used with gtk-1.2.*. It does not appear to work well in gdk-v2. However, work is now being done in FXP.One instead.

Latest Win32 build.

Bitmap Skin

This 'Skin' defines what the buttons and logo's look like in LundFXP. You will need it.



for more information on wxWindows click here