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This is essentially a FTP relay program, with SSL encryption.
It works like most bnc, or FTPwrap utilities out there.

  • Single process relay (not a process per connection)
  • Re-write PORT->PASV or PASV->PORT for sites behind firewalls, or sites wanting to be behind firewalls. [1]
  • Portable, compiles on all platforms I have access on, including win32.
  • Extended IDEN command for FTPD that has this support. [2]
  • Manual supply of localhost-IP for firewalled hosts running lbnc.
  • SSL encryption support for both client-side and server-side
  • Optional force of SSL on client-side connections
  • Optional force of SSL on server-side connections
  • Uses lundman's portable network library for easy and quick development.
  • Does not require root (unless you bind ports < 1024)

[1] If you want to firewall your real hosts, re-writing PASV->PORT means you can open just outgoing connections from the FTPD, instead of the usual opening of all anonymous ports (usually 49152-65535).
[2] The lbnc sends "IDEN [ident]@ip.ip.ip.ip\r\n" to the FTPD immediately. The server should not reply with anything. Currently, I know only of my own "lundftpd" which supports this.

CVS only, check out "ssl-lbnc".
CVS details are contained elswhere on this site
However, if you really don't have CVS there is a semi-fresh version ssl-lbnc-0.1b28.tgz available.